BrandWizard Brand Toolkit

Interbrand's Corporate Brand Management Platform

Project Dates: 2012-2013

Partners: Interbrand; Clients Including AT&T, Cigna, HBO, HSBC, Hyatt, Mercedes-Benz, Qualcomm, State Farm, TD, Volkswagen

My Roles: Product Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Branding

Managing a brand to ensure quality and consistency of representation across a large, global company can be a major challenge -- even more so when there are multiple sub-brands or brand channels.

Employees and external vendors from different global cultures and with various responsibilities may have daily reasons to utilize logos, company photography or other assets, but not know how to access them or use them properly to effectively reinforce hard-earned market strengths and company reputation. Furthermore, groups in far-flung parts of the organization may simultaneously be creating redundant materials without ever knowing it and top-down changes to brand strategy may be difficult or impossible to implement on a local level.

Interbrand's Brand Toolkit provides Brand Managers custom tools to manage complex brand identities and provides day-to-day users with quick and easy access to the materials and the guidance they need to implement their brands correctly.

BrandWizard’s proprietary Brand Toolkit and Collateral Wizard software help by gathering brand guidelines, logos, images, templates and other assets into a single online location. Administrators can update brand guidelines and assets in real time, keeping users up to date on the latest brand strategy. Users can customize collateral pieces from existing templates and asset libraries through a simple drag and drop interface. 

When I arrived at BrandWizard, the software had just been productized: basic functionality was available as a standardized code base; a new Toolkit, with custom skinning, could be offered in about ten days’ turnaround time. 

  • Changes I recommended to the process and templates for customizing a Brand Toolkit allowed us to shorten our new client implementation timeline from ten days to three. These efficiencies allowed us with only two designers — to launch nine toolkits in rapid succession, while also pitching new business and completing custom work requests for existing clients.

  • We also cleaned up numerous longstanding usability issues, implemented a client “sandbox” where potential users could demo the software, and continued to modularize custom features in order to add them to our off-the-shelf offerings.

Qualcomm Brand Toolkit Login & Landing Pages


The Brand Toolkit base functionality was standardized, but each client toolkit was custom skinned to exactly match the client's brand guidelines.

Proposed Cigna Custom Dashboard

Clients often chose to replace the default Brand Toolkit landing page with a customized dashboard.

Volkswagen Collateral Wizard  | Collaborative Collateral Development 


Workflow and collaboration tools allow groups to work together on marketing projects and enable brand managers to suggest guidelines or assets for use in specific departments or deliverables. 

Volkswagen Collateral Wizard  | New Worksite Creation


Workspaces could be pre-populated with content to encourage best practices.  A ranking system helped administrators track which brand assets were the most popular.

HBO Custom Collateral Builder & Collaboration Tool  |  High-Fidelity Wireframe


HBO asked us to customize their Collateral Builder and Collaboration Tool to allow for more targeted feedback and commenting. In response, we created an interface in which users could drop "pins" onto specific target areas of an in-progress marketing project, then embed links to those pins in targeted comments for specific collaborators.