Project Rebirth

Website for 9/11 Documentary

Partners: Project Rebirth, Columbia University, Georgetown University

My Roles: Information Architecture, UX Design, Visual Design, Service Design


Originally created to fund and promote the film REBIRTH, a full-length documentary chronicling trauma, grief and recovery in the aftermath of 9/11, Project Rebirth is both a nonprofit organization and ongoing resiliency resource.  

  • Building on the film's focus on community participation, leading figures from Hollywood, Wall Street, local government, private businesses, academic and medical institutions have united to advance educational initiatives committed to pre-trauma resiliency building and post-trauma recovery for first responders, community organizers and the general public.

  • Knowing that the Project Rebirth website would have to serve different purposes and to focus on different content over the course of several years, the site was planned and built for flexibility, with full content management and several multipurpose media and content areas available to the Project Rebirth team at their discretion. An accompanying REBIRTH film archive contains actual footage from the film for analysis and use in educational and training activities. 

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